More private sector senior executives are coming to recognize that Disaster Risk Management (DRM) cuts costs and creates values. But growing recognition must be translated into a more systematic approach to DRM that will make tomorrow’s world a safer place. As we move towards implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction between now and 2030, UNISDR calls on the private sector to strengthen their partnerships for a safer future.

UNISDR supports companies to do business responsibly by aligning their strategies and operations with the Five commitments of ARISE. These Five commitments urge companies to:

Commitment 1:        Raise awareness with respect to disaster risk and mobilization of the private sector
Commitment 2:        Exercise influence in respective spheres of expertise
Commitment 3:        Share knowledge and bring in expertise of the private sector
Commitment 4:        Be a catalyst to generate innovation and collaboration      
Commitment 5:        Implement tangible projects and activities to achieve the targets of the Sendai Framework

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